Safety Management and Resource Team - SMART

Safety is a primary concern of everyone in the solid waste industry. That's why TxSWANA created the Safety Management and Resource Team (SMART) in 1997, and charged them with the mission to support a resource network and facilitate the exchange of strategies, focusing on accident and injury reduction. Haven't heard of SMART? Well, then you are missing out on one of the best services available to you through TxSWANA. Here's what we do:

  • Meet quarterly to exchange ideas and organize activities
  • Provide safety support at the annual TxSWANA Road-E-O
  • Write safety articles for the TxSWANA newsletter
  • Provide safety information and/or key contact people for TxSWANA members
    . . . and perhaps most valuable to you . . .
  • Conduct on-site safety audits, upon request

By the way, all of those services come free of charge. That's right, SMART committee members volunteer their time and resources in support of the common goal of safety for solid waste workers across Texas. So don't delay--contact SMART now to set up a safety evaluation of your facilities today.

The SMART has compiled a variety of links to assit you concerning various topics. Find them here.

Jimmy Huff Safety Award

Is your city especially safe? Been a long time since any of your employees lost work time to an injury or accident? Then you should apply for a Jimmy Huff Safety Award, given annually to the public or private entity with the largest percent reduction in lost-work-day cases as documented in their safety records. It's a fun way to promote safety in the workplace. 

SMART Committee

David Vartian


City of University Park
3800 University Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205-1711
p: (214) 987-5454

Derek Mebane

Vice Chair

City of Houston
Solid Waste Division
611 Walker Street, 12th Floor
Houston, TX 77002-4903
p: (832) 393-0441 | f: (713) 837-9243

Walter Barrett S.C.


City of San Antonio
4410 W Piedras Dr
San Antonio, TX 78228-1207
p: (210) 207-6408 | f: (210) 207-6411

Brian K. Boerner


City of Denton
1527 S Mayhill Rd
Denton, TX 75215
p: (940) 349-8001 | f: (940) 349-8057

William Sangster S.C.


City Of Irving
825 W Irving Blvd
Irving, TX 75060-2860
p: (469) 446-8864 | f: (972) 264-1867

Otis Smith


City of Midland
PO Box 1152