2017 TxSWANA Excellence Award Program

The Texas Solid Waste Association of North America (TxSWANA) is seeking nominations for its’ Annual Solid Waste Management Awards Program, for projects which were implemented in calendar year 2016. The awards are designed to recognize Texas communities for planning and implementing programs that enhance environmental quality through increased recycling, material recovery and improved methods of managing the collection and disposal of waste and recyclable material. Through this recognition, TxSWANA hopes to encourage other cities to adopt such programs as ways of advancing solid waste management throughout Texas.

Please use the Award Submittal Form for your entries.

Winners will be recognized at the Annual TxSWANA Conference held in San Antonio April 10-12.

TxSWANA will publish a summary of all the nominations, have them displayed at the conference and placed on our web site. This is a great way to highlight the leadership of your community and recognize the staff that has made your program successful.

 Application Process

1)      Applicants can submit more than one application per Category.

2)      Applications should include the following information:

  1. Complete the Submittal Form Attached
  2. Project Description (500 words)
  3. Provide at a minimum three photos
  4. Address each of the Evaluation Criteria – the table below shows the point values for the various Project/Program Category. Stay within the word limit for each of the Evaluation Criteria

3)      Applications are due to TxSWANA no later than 5:00 pm - March 21, 2017

4)      Submit an electronic version (word or pdf) of the application to the following address [email protected]. Place in the title block of the email “TxSWANA Finest Award Nomination.”

5)      Questions may be submitted to TxSWANA to [email protected] or contact Michael directly at 214 341-9900

Photographs are encouraged along with submissions as well as any promotional materials associated with the nomination.


2016 TxSWANA's Finest Awards

The Texas Solid Waste Association of North America (TxSWANA) awarded the winners at the 2016 annual conference in Corpus Christi. 2-16 winners are:

City of San Antonio – In-House CDL Program

City of Laredo – Integrated Solid Waste Management Program

City of Laredo – Landfill Expansion

City of New Braunfels – Public Information Program

City of Corpus Christi – Single Stream Recycling Program


2014 TxSWANA's Finest Awards

The Texas Solid Waste Association of North America (TxSWANA) awarded the winners at the 2014 annual conference in Austin. This years winners are:

Collection - El Paso

Public Information - City of Austin

Recycling - City of Houston

Composting - Texas State University Horticulture Program

Integrated Waste Management - City of Denton

 For a brief description of each winning program, please download the PPT or PDF presentation.


2013 Winners:

City of McAllen - Composting

City of El Paso - Landfill Design & Operations

City of Denton - Special Waste Program

City of College Station - Public Education & Community Outreach