2021 Annual Conference & ROAD-E-O — JUNE 18-23 — Lubbock, TX

Mark your calendar.  Come join us on June 18-23 for a combined TxSWANA Annual Conference and Road-E-O.

Road-E-O — June 18-19

Conference — June 20-23

We plan on having an in-person conference. More details to come!

Past Road-E-O's

2019 TxSWANA Road-E-O 

txswana banner 2019

2019 TxSWANA Road-E-O

The 2019 Road-E-O scores are available at the following links:

2019 Road-E-O Winners

2019 Road-E-O Landfill Scores

2019 Road-E-O Mechanics Truck Scores

2019 Road-E-O Truck Scores

2019 Road-E-O Photo Gallery


2018 TxSWANA Road-E-O

The 2018 Road-E-O scores are available at the following links:

2018 Road-E-O Winners

2018 Road-E-O Landfill Scores

2018 Road-E-O Mechanics Truck Scores

2018 Road-E-O Truck Scores

2018 Road-E-O Photo Gallery

2017 TxSWANA Road-E-O

The 2017 Road-E-O scores and information are available here.

2016 TxSWANA Road-E-O

The 2016 Road-E-O scores are now available at this link:

2016 Road-E-O Scores

2016 Mechanics Scores

2016 Road-E-O Photo Gallery

2015 TxSWANA Road-E-O

The 2015 Road-E-O was held in Houston on June 27, 2015.

The scores have been compiled and are attached here.

We have also posted photos from the event in the Photo Gallery, and a couple videos from the Dozer event.