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President's Message

Message from the President,
Imagine your leadership style and techniques would last forever in a sustainable way. What if you could create and guide future leaders to effectively move the needle through sustainable business practices? What if your design could inspire a workforce to
achieve unprecedented, but measurable milestones regardless of their profession or craft? Would you take on the challenge and lead your team to the next level?

I believe all current and next generation leaders, commanders, mentors, and coaches are obligated to give the very best of themselves at all times, under all conditions without exception.

Would you be willing to create professional development opportunities for everyone under your command while ensuring continuous improvement? Would you be an advocate to encourage them to "Master Their Craft" in an environmentally conscious and instinctive way that it becomes a habit?

Now reverse that order and think about this question. Has someone helped you to achieve your goals and successes without hesitation? Have your leaders given you the very best of themselves? Regardless if that answer is yes or no, it is your obligation to always push the envelope for excellence in your settings without excuses. Excellence in everything you do means, you do and you should reach back to help others.

Do your part, clear the runway for the "Next Generation" to take flight. You both get the credit!
David W. McCary, CPM

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Calendar of Events

Board Meeting 

June Board Meeting
El Paso

2018 TxSWANA Road-E-O

2018 TxSWANA Road-E-O
City of El Paso Cohen Stadium
9700 Gateway N Blvd
El Paso, TX

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