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TxSWANA Announcement


As part of the continuing effort to champion the cause of safety as solid waste professionals conduct their day to day operations and provide services to their constituents, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has implemented strategies that help make safety salient to their members.


One method currently in play is having solid waste professionals throughout the Country take the “Safety Pledge”. This pledge is located on the SWANA Safety Page, “Hauler Outreach”  and the link is highlighted below, offers all solid waste professionals the opportunity  to reinforce the need to make safety a priority and a value. If we make safety a value, like other values we all hold; i.e., Honesty, Loyalty and Kindness to name a few: values never change. Thus, as we conduct our day to day tasks all of us will do so with safety on our minds. The Safety Pledge reads as follows:


“I pledge to help everyone get home safe every single day. I will consider worker, customer, and public safety in every decision that I make.

My ultimate mission is to serve the community safely for myself, my company, and those who depend on me. If I cannot do it safely, then I will not do it at all.”


Yours in Safety,


David P. Vartian

Smart Chair and TxSWANA Safety Ambassador to SWANA