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Texas Volkswagen Settlement Plan Approves Upto 80% Percent Grant to Replace Older Diesel Garbage Trucks


The Texas Volkswagen Settlement Plan has been finalized and includes up to 80 percent of the cost to replace older diesel garbage trucks in municipal fleets with new, lower emission trucks. All local government solid waste fleets in the DFW, Houston, San Antonio, Beaumont, El Paso, Austin, and Bell County areas are eligible to apply for this grant. The following map shows the eligible counties and funding amounts for each area.

Eligible Garbage Trucks: To meet the qualifications, the Class 7 or 8 garbage truck must:

  • have an engine model year 2009 or older;
  • have at least five years of useful life remaining; and
  • be used on a regular route.

If you have questions regarding the TCEQ's Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program, you may contact TCEQ toll free at (833) 215-TXVW (8989).

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