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President's Message

Message from the President,


I wanted to do something very different with the President’s Message this time. I wanted everyone regardless of your status in your organization to think about your brand and what it means to others that see you, know you, work with you and possibly hate on you. From time to time you will hear that everything you do is a signature of yourself. I read this saying by Dorie Clark (author) that “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. It’s your professional reputation.”

This raises a question. What does your personal brand say to others in your organization about you? As Solid Waste Management and Environmental Services professionals, our entire industry has shown a commitment to protecting our planet and its fnite resources. Although we individually didn’t take an oath to protect these valuable resources, we have over time created a passion of protection for what we do. We have created a brand that exemplifies more than a caring posture about our next generation and their future. When you stay late to complete projects and work assignments, do you stay because of your commitment to excellence or do you stay because you may not have a job the next day? When you produce work, is it at the highest quality? Do others see you as a high performer because of the reputation you created though branding yourself?

We were taught as children and young adults that you must believe in yourself and that anything is possible. It is important that your gifs and talents are fully polished and ready for display. Understand that at some point in your career, your opportunity will intersect with your gifs and talents and you must be ready to claim your prize. At that point in your career, it is a defining moment. I have been told that when you brand yourself in the right way, the competition becomes irrelevant. Charlie Hutton (author) said to “Rebrand yourself so that you no longer have any real competition.” Wow! That was powerful.

It is no secret that individuals that excel in their career establish a brand that is unmatched. I am not talking about how much money one makes. This is about what makes you happy and what makes you enjoy life. I believe the enjoyment you create, ties directly to your personal brand at home and work. Work and life is meant to be enjoyed! If you are not enjoying work and life, then the fullest potential of your brand is incomplete. George Bernard Shaw (author) once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” Please make the difference in your organization.



David W. McCary, CPM

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Calendar of Events

Board Meeting

November Board Meeting
El Paso Airport Conference Center

2018 TxSWANA Conference

The 2018 TxSWANA Conference will be held in Denton, Texas. The annual Conference is the biggest solid waste education and tradeshow event held in Texas each year. The Conference offers the opportunity to see what's new in equipment, waste management tre
Embassy Suites Denton
3100 Town Center Trail
Denton, TX

2018 TxSWANA Road-E-O

2018 TxSWANA Road-E-O
City of El Paso
El Paso, TX

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